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Bryngwyn School
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Learner of the Month


Year 7 

Autumn Vickers, 7ES/MY
Autumn has had an amazing start to her time in Glan-y-Mor. She always has a smile on her face and has a brilliant attitude towards her studies and school life as a whole. Well done Autumn, keep up the great work!

Jake Stewart, 7JS
Jake is very polite and a hardworking member of his class. He loves to contribute to discussions in form time.

 Year 8

Olivia Yildiz-Bryk, 8JLP
Olivia has made a concerted effort in a range of subjects. Da iawn Olivia.

Kian Major, 8JLP
Kian is progressing very well in Year 8 and has gained many achievement points for his positive attitude towards learning. He is setting an example to others by wearing the correct uniform and being properly equipped for school. Da iawn Kian!

 Year 9

Celyn Calford, 9DK/RJT
Celyn is the most delightful and polite pupil. It has been a privilege to get to know Celyn this term as her form tutor. She is always immaculately presented, always fully equipped for her day ahead and always gives 100% to anything that is asked of her. Celyn is a credit to the form, the school and her family! Well done!

William Evans, 9PS
William is a hardworking pupil who is an example to the school and his year group. He has picked up numerous achievement points for his excellent work, consistent effort, and contribution to lessons. Along with independent learning, excellent results in his class assessments and for being helpful in class. Da iawn!


Year 10

Kiki Dunn, 10MS
Kiki is a delightful, diligent young lady who often goes under the radar in class through her quiet disposition. She reluctantly accepts the praise bestowed on her despite being very deserving of it due to her continued academic progress this year.

Jordan-Leigh Parr, 10RA
Jordan returned to Glan-y-Mor in October and settled straight back into busy Year 10 life with a very impressive work ethic and level of maturity. His efforts to complete Welsh Baccalaureate tasks have been very pleasing and he was recently rewarded for his positivity by becoming one of 10RA's Form Captains. His hobbies include listening to music, drawing, running and playing volleyball. Da iawn Jordan!

Year 11

Ellie Jarvis, 11DS
Ellie never stops smiling and helps people when she can. She has worked really hard for her mock exams.

Jamie Palmer, 11DS
Jamie uses his time wisely in school, he revised during registration for his mocks. Well done Jamie!


Year 7 

Maisie Williams, 7ES/MY
Maisie arrives at school each day with a big smile on her face, ready and eager to learn. She always tries her best and gives 100% effort to every task. She is an asset to the form and Glan-y-Mor as a whole.

Logan Burke, 7DW
Logan has shown great diligence and a thirst for learning over the past month. He has excelled his targets and is a valuable member of Glan-y-Mor, Da iawn Logan!

 Year 8

Izabelle Taylor, 8BB/UV
Izabelle is a very pleasant, polite and helpful form member who has worked with consistent application and focus this year, completing work with quiet determination. She always listens attentively and is able to respond to advice, improving her responses accordingly. She has worked independently and as part of a group in our theme days. She has also come up with some really good ideas, thoughts and opinions in our form discussions, which occur daily as a result of our News of the Day sessions. She possesses a most mature thought process at times. She continues to collect her achievement points and they stand at 89, which is most pleasing.

Archie Phillips, 8BB/UV
Archie is always a well-mannered, enthusiastic and humorous form member and I am delighted with the way he has conducted himself over this last term. In form, he adopts a mature attitude and is not afraid to offer an opinion when discussing a topic in our PSE lessons. He has been very enthusiastic about achieving his positive behaviour points and has been in competition with some of his friends in the form. He has now achieved 92 to date. I have nominated him for 'Learner of the Month' in the past and I am sure that he will win that award soon if he continues to work hard and maintain his fantastic attitude. Archie's punctuality is excellent and he always brings the correct equipment to school. Archie has taken an active part in our challenge days and has come up with some good ideas. He has also taken an active part of our News of the Day sessions in the mornings.

 Year 9

Ciara Fitzgerald, 9PS
Ciara has made a positive start to Year 9 by working hard in all her lessons. She has picked up several achievement points for her excellent work and endeavouring to do her best. Ciara has performed above expectations in 2 of her subjects so far. Da iawn!

George Hopkins, 9DK/RJT
George is an exceptional young man who is always cheerful, polite and eager to get involved in discussions whilst demonstrating maturity and sensitivity. George plays an active part in registration time in the morning, is always punctual and equipped for the day ahead! George has accumulated a very high total of achievement points and has an excellent work ethic.  

Year 10

Bethany King, 10RA
Bethany is a worthy recipient of the Learner of the Month Award, having not only maintained an excellent level of attendance this term and accrued a very pleasing amount of achievement points, but also for having shown excellent effort and positivity in a range of subjects. She has demonstrated both resilience and perseverance in the face of challenging tasks and this has resulted in some pleasing outcomes. Da iawn Bethany and keep up the good work!

Abdulah Ahmed, 10AP
Abdulah has made an excellent start in Year 10 and has to be commended for his endeavour in Welsh.

Year 11

Phoebe Thomas, 11JRT
Phoebe is working really hard this term and preparing thoroughly for her mock exams. Well done Phoebe.

Lewis Grace, 11DS
Lewis continues to be kind and polite as ever. He always has a smile on his face too.



Year 7 

Ebony Collins, 7ES/MY
Ebony has made an excellent start to her time in Glan-y-Mor. She is always smiling, positive and eager to learn. Well done Ebony, keep up the hard work! 

Osian Davies, 7JS
Osian is a hard-working pupil who is an active member of his form. He was also nominated to become form rep. Da iawn Osian!

 Year 8

Gwen Gravell-Jones, 8DC
Gwen has had an excellent start to the year, picking up many achievement points through endeavour, independent learning, and excellent work across many and varied subject areas. In form she is always friendly, supportive, and helpful, and shows excellent maturity at all times.

Bradley Greenfield, 8PD
Bradley has accumulated an excellent number of achievement points, along with excellent attendance and punctuality. Bradley is always fully prepared for lessons and has a positive attitude in lessons.

 Year 9

Ellie Webb, 9DYB
Ellie is always on time for school and always fully equipped. She currently has the highest number of achievement points in her class. She has been described as helpful and hardworking. Well done Ellie!

Dion Baker, 9PS
Dion is a mature and well-behaved pupil who has started Year 9 with an excellent attitude towards his learning. He endeavours to try his best in all lessons, enabling him to produce some great quality work. Da iawn Dion.

Year 10

Madeleine Moore, 10MS
Madeleine is a delightful hardworking student, who continues to make an outstanding effort in the classroom and at home. She is Form Captain and a School Council representative for Year 10. Overall a great start to her GCSE studies.

Adam Morrison, 10AP
Adam has made an excellent start in Year 10 and has been consistent in his work and effort.

Year 11

Brooke Thomas, 11JRT
Brooke is a polite, pleasant and hard working young lady. She shows determination and effort in all her lessons. She is always willing to a support her classmates and completes her work to the best of her ability. She deserves to be successful in all that is ahead of her. Pob lwc.

Bradley Evans, 11JRT
Bradley is a polite and pleasant young man. He is always punctual to class and ready to work. He shows determination and effort in all his lessons and is always willing to take part in class activities and is eager to support his classmates. I hope that he continues in this way throughout the rest of his final year in school. Da iawn. 


Year 7 

Amelia Bythell, 7ES/MY
Amelia has made an excellent start to the term and has impressed with her positive attitude and politeness. Amelia has shown to be a very supportive pupil to her friends and has been helpful in class.

Daniel Webb, 7DW
Daniel has proven to be a committed member of his form by being appointment a form representative. He has shown his confidence and settled in to the new school environment.

 Year 8

Chloe Hayhurst, 8BB/UV
Chloe is a most proactive, reliable and mature form captain and has made a fantastic start to the term. She has received many achievement points to date, showing that she is doing well in many lessons. She is always polite and considerate of others and has a lovely disposition. Well done Chloe and keep it up!

Dylan Tomlinson, 8JLP
Dylan has made an excellent start to Year 8 and has gained many achievement points for his positive attitude towards learning. He is setting an example to others by wearing the correct uniform and being properly equipped for school. Da iawn, Dylan! 

 Year 9

Lacey Street-Hughes, 9HB/NM
Lacey is a very deserving learner of the month! She always works sensibly in class and produces work of a pleasing standard. She makes lots of effort. Her behaviour is always excellent, and she always treats others with respect. Well done Lacey!

Morgan Carrott, 9HF
Morgan has perfect attendance and punctuality and is always in school fully-equipped and in excellent uniform. He is working hard in lessons and has been rewarded by receiving the most achievement points in the form group. Well done Morgan; a great start to year 9. Keep it up!

Year 10

Eva-Rose Jaros-Grover, 10DP
Eva-Rose always works to the best of her ability. She will try her hardest at everything. She is always a polite and sensible member of the class.

Alfie Rees, 10AP
Alfie has made a very pleasing start to Year 10 amassing 52 achievement points already! Alfie has opted for Construction, Computer Science, History and PE and has showed a good attitude to his studies in these and all his core subject lessons.

Year 11

Tiah Rees, 11KR
Tiah is such a positive and hardworking pupil. She always comes into school with a fantastic attitude and both staff and pupils think very highly of her. As a senior leader, she is an excellent role model to younger pupils and an asset to 11KR. 

Diogo Tome, 11KR
Diogo is a polite and charismatic pupil who has been working very hard in KS4. He is a valued member of 11KR as a form representative and a house captain.  He comes into school with a great attitude and a smile on his face. Keep it up, Diogo!