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Bryngwyn School
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Learner of the Month


Year 7 

Thomas Ashby, 7SB
Thomas is a hardworking and committed student. He has shown these strengths by getting involved in multiple extra curricular activities such as Eisteddfod, We Will Rock You and Walk the Global Walk. Fantastic effort Thomas!! 

Ffion Botevyle, 7DW
Ffion has shown signs of vast improvement this term in her work, attitude and overall ethos to her studies.  A pleasing half term Ffion, keep it up!

Year 8

Connor Taylor, 8AW
Connor has worked very hard to improve his behaviour this term. He is polite and thoughtful in form and makes others around him happy.

Paula Jenkins, 8AW
Paula has consistently worked hard this year, she always tries to see the best in every scenario and to face school with positivity.

Year 9

Bradley Evans, 9PD
Bradley has made a concerted effort in all of his subjects. Keep up the good work.

Alisha Brown, 9AH
Alisha is a hardworking pupil with a positive attitude towards all aspects of her school life and extra-curricular activities such as participating in 'We Will Rock You' and the Oxfam 'Changemakers' project.

Year 10

Zac Griffiths, 10AP
Zac has made a concerted effort in all of his subjects and he has 181 achievement points. Keep up the good work.

Emily Ford, 10MS
Emily is a lovely, dedicated student / form captain who always gives 100%. She is a member of the school council and always wants to do her best. A pleasure to teach!!

Year 11


Lawrence Williams, 11RA
Lawrence has deservedly become a Learner of the Month for the second time and continues to make a highly positive contribution to the life of the school. He played a key, assistant role in providing the sound in our recent school production of 'We Will Rock You' and performed a similar function in our annual Eisteddfod. He is a very popular member of our school community who has earned the respect of staff and pupils alike for his friendly personality and willingness to help others. We wish him every success in the forthcoming GCSE exams!

Holly Whitfield, 11RA
Holly is yet another worthy winner of this award from 11RA. She has steadily improved her attendance over the year and recently achieved an encouraging set of trial exam results. Holly has gained in confidence to the point where she is now happier to engage more in class discussions and recently helped with Ty Gwenllian's English recitation preparations in our annual Eisteddfod. She is looking forward to achieving a pleasing set of GCSE results this summer. 


Year 7 

Joseph Maddrick, 7HB
Joseph is a conscientious worker in all his lessons and has had a very encouraging first few months at Glan-y-Môr. 

Nara Conlon, 7HB
Nara works conscientiously at all times. Her positivity and cheerfulness are also fantastic qualities!

 Year 8

Taylor Rowley, 8AW
Taylor is a kind, thoughtful pupil who tries his absolute hardest in lessons. Taylor works well with his TA to complete all work and is a happy member of 8AW.


Frances Mackie, 8RP
Fran is a positive and enthusiastic pupil who gets involved in all possible opportunities. In January, she has been a part of the Oxfam Changemakers, 'We Will Rock You', represented the school at cross country, played for the Y8 hockey team and represented the year group at school council. At the same time, she continues to work hard in all her lessons.  Amazing work Fran!


Year 9

Thomas Oag, 9PD 
Thomas has continued to work well in year 9. He has been nominated for LOTM as he continues to put the effort into his work and endeavours to complete all work to the best of his abilities. He has 100% attendance and has achieved 91 achievements points.


Kira-Lee Thomas-Jones, 9DS
Kira-Lee is very punctual, has improved attendance, excellent uniform standards and is kind and polite.

Year 10

Owain Babbage, 10MS
Owain is a hard working an unassuming student whose diligence has resulted in commendable progress in his GCSE subjects. He is a worthy recipient of this award!

Caitlin Evans, 10MS
Caitlin is a quiet, unassuming and hard working student whose diligence has resulted in commendable progress in her GCSE subjects. Well done Caitlin.

Year 11

Matthew Pritchard, 11RA
Matthew is a previous winner of Learner of the Month and continues to achieve positive outcomes in many areas. He is a Senior Leader with an excellent record of attendance, a very pleasing number of achievement points and is on track to produce a fine set of GCSE results. In his spare time, Matthew is a proud member of the Air Cadets. 

Tamzin Davies, 11KJ
Tamzin is a lovely pupil who will definitely put the hard yards in between now and her GCSEs. Da iawn Tamzin.



Year 7 

Finley Bevan-Jones, 7PS
Finley has picked up a fantastic number of achievement points for his hard work and effort in all subjects.

Bethan Dodds, 7DW 

Bethan has endeavoured to show her best since starting at Glan-y-Môr.  Her work ethic and dedication to her studies is exemplary.  Da iawn Bethan.


Year 8 

Jesse Lloyd, 8AW
Jesse is a hard working pupil throughout school. He has a determined attitude and completes tasks to the best of his ability. In form he listens to instructions and is polite and kind to others.

Ebony Johnston, 8RP
Ebony is one of the most hardworking and dedicated pupils in the year. Not only does she try her best in every lesson, she always takes the initiative to contribute to the wider school community. Well done Ebony!

Year 9 

Ben Davies, 9KR
Ben is a dedicated and hardworking pupil who puts his best effort into everything he does. He is an excellent representative for his year group.  

Georgia Massocchi, 9AH
Georgia is a hard working pupil who drives herself to do well. Her competitive nature and will to constantly improve has caused her to be awarded Learner of the Month for December 2019.

Year 10

Zach Nelmes-Palmer, 10DP
Zach is a hardworking member of Year 10. He approaches his work in a mature manner and is always keen to do well. He takes a full part in form activities and is a reliable and trustworthy member of Year 11.

Pia Wright-Murray, 10MS
Pia is very polite and hardworking and is a pleasure to teach and have in my form. She is intelligent, diligent and is making excellent progress in all her GCSE subjects.

Year 11

Rhys Campell, 11KJ
Having moved here from the USA, Rhys has worked hard extremely hard to catch up on all his GCSE work and thoroughly deserves this award. Da iawn Rhys.

Ella Lake, 11ES
A well deserved Learner of the Month award for Ella, who despite a difficult end to year 10 has shown determination and commitment to her studies and school life. Her attitude, effort and positivity make her a role model to others and she is a valued member of 11ES and the school as a whole. Well done Ella!


Year 7 

Finlay Stewart, 7DYB
Finlay is always very polite and well mannered. Finlay is a friend to everyone in form and is a popular member of the class. Last month Finlay represented the school in the urdd swimming competition which is a fantastic achievement.

Bridie Crowley, 7PS
Bridie has shown a mature attitude to secondary school life. She has willingly helped and supported another pupil in the form class. Her hard work and effort in lessons has enabled her to move up a set in Maths.

Year 8 

Shane Robinson, 8DC
Shane has been awarded LOTM for his efforts with the School Council, his recent inclusion in the book scrutiny and participation in the book scrutiny meeting at Bryngwyn.

Gabby Chaplin, 8DC
Gabby is a well deserved winner for her ongoing effort and maturity and inclusion in the recent book scrutiny.

Year 9

Isabelle Evans, 9PD
Isabelle has achieved high achievement points and has set consistently high standards of effort and behaviour.

Joseph Lloyd, 9PD
Joseph has set consistently high standards of effort and behaviour and achieved high achievement points.


Year 10

Iestyn Lewis, 10MS
Iestyn is hard working, very polite and is a pleasure to teach. He is diligent, intelligent and is making excellent progress in all his GCSE subjects.

Macenzie Gower, 10MS
Macenzie is very polite, hardworking and is a pleasure to have in my form. She is intelligent, diligent and is making excellent progress in all her GCSE subjects.

Year 11

Jordan Thomas, 11RA
Jordan is an extremely worthy winner of the Learner of the Month Award. His behaviour, attitude, effort and positivity make him a superb role model for others to follow. He has maintained excellent attendance this term and produced some great work in Welsh Bac lessons. In his spare time, Jordan enjoys photography and hopes to pursue this at college. Da iawn a phob lwc yn y dofodol Jordan!

Katelin Sutton, 11ES
Since joining us at the start of the year 10, Katelin has shown huge improvements in all aspects of school life. Well done Katelin, you are a valued member of 11ES and the school as a whole!


Year 7 

Oliver Thomas, 7DYB
Oliver works to a high standard and always tried his best in everything he does. Oliver worked exceptionally well during the Theme Day and was able to take part in a confident and clear speech in front of the class discussing the topic of looking after our environment. Oliver has also represented the school playing football for the Year 7 team on more than one occasion.

Abigail Webb, 7SB
Abigail has shown great enthusiasm in all aspects of school since starting Ysgol Glan-y-Mor. I am truly proud of all her efforts and I hope she continues to flourish throughout the academic year. Ardderchog!

Year 8

Thomas Collins, 8ARJ
Thomas has been a model pupil this half term. His teachers regularly give him achievement points for 'going the extra mile' in lessons. He is helpful, polite and is always looking to get involved in extra curricula activities. 

Emma Botevyle, 8ARJ
Emma has demonstrated academic excellence in all of the subjects she takes. She is enthusiastic about learning and always strives to do her best. She is always looking to help and will 'take the lead' when working in groups. She is a very talented student.

Year 9

Rhys Davies, 9AH
Rhys is a popular young man who works well at all time with everybody. This is reflected in his recent Gold Certificate. He thoroughly deserves to be Learner of the Month.

Alysha Gregory-Woodall, 9DS
Alysha is always well prepared for school and a very helpful member of the form.

Year 10

Riley Kerr, 10MS
Riley has great attitude, 100% attendance and is achieving very well across the board. He is extremely  pleasant and polite and is an excellent member of 10MS.

Aimee John, 10MS
Aimee has 100% attendance, great attitude and is achieving very well across the board. She is extremely pleasant and polite and is an excellent member of 10MS.

Year 11

Mollie Dunning, 11KJ
Mollie puts 100% effort into schoolwork and extra-curricular activities. Well deserved award. Ardderchog Mollie.

Owen Harris, 11KJ
Owen quietly gets on with his work and is gaining achievement points on a daily basis. Da iawn Owen.



Year 7 

Caitlin Clohessy, 7HB
Caitlin has had an excellent start in Glan-y-Môr. She has shown a very positive attitude to school life and to learning. Well done Caitlin! 

Oscar Leighton, 7PS
Oscar is a hardworking and polite pupil. He has made an excellent start to Glan-y-Môr. Oscar has gained many achievement points already as a result of his positive attitude to learning. Da Iawn!

Year 8

Jordan Davies, 8ARJ
Jordan has excelled not only in his work but in school life too. He has been focused, always wanting to put forward or contribute in lessons but above all he has been eager to learn and improve on how he manages his own behaviour, in a controlled way, which has seen major improvements and resulting in a focused attentive pupil in lesson 5. Very well done Jordan, keep it up!

Kelsey Price, 8RP
Kelsey is always hard working, helpful and kind to others. She has a positive attitude and is always willing to contribute to all aspects of school life. 

Year 9

Annika Hewitt, 9PD
Annika has made an extremely positive start to the term and is representing Glan-y-Môr on the Pembrey & Burry Port Youth Town Council. 

Nathaniel Jones, 9DS
Nathaniel is always polite and kind. He is very helpful and has a calm temperament. Well done Nathaniel.

Year 10


Samantha Doult, 10DP
Samantha is hardworking with good attendance and always sets herself high targets. She is polite and well behaved at all times.

Cameron Morgans, 10DP
Cameron has good attendance and is hard working and wants to do well. He is polite and well behaved and sets himself high targets.

 Year 11

Sacha Davies, 11RA
Sacha has demonstrated a sustained improvement in her attendance, consistently applying herself to work in all subjects and maintaining a positive approach to school life in general. She intends to be part of the backstage crew in the forthcoming school production of We Will Rock You.  

Jacob Williams, 11RA
Jacob consistently and quietly applies himself to classwork in all areas and achieves steady progress as a result. He has sustained improved attendance, participated in our school production of Bugsy Malone and will also be part of the stage crew for our next production of We Will Rock You.