Ysgol Glan-y-Mor

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Diwrnod Shwmae

A pink Diwrnod Shwmae this year! Pupils enjoyed a range of activities: Year 7 and 23 Year 6 Criw Cymraeg pupils loved every minute of the bilingual games organised by Urdd and Year 9 had a fantastic opportunity to learn about the rollercoaster history of the Welsh language – Diolch i Fenter Iaith Cwm Gwendraeth. In addition to these activities departments ran a range of Welsh-themed activities: Welsh-themed poetry in English, lovespoon bookmarks in Art, Welsh bingo in Maths, cacennau Shwmae in Food Technology, the history of Patagonia in Spanish, Welsh terms for all the scientific apparatus in Science and a Welsh-themed concert lesson 5.

It is extremely important that our pupils get to use and enjoy Welsh in a range of situations and it was great to see them interacting bilingually with visitors and using their Welsh across the curriculum.