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Learner of the Month - Archived


Upper School - Megan Gibson, 10KJ

Megan fully deserves this award as she goes the "extra mile" in every subject. Da iawn ti Meg.

Lower School - Levi Morgan, 8SB

Congratulations to Levi who represented Wales Schoolboys U13s and was presented with his debut banner at the Carmarthenshire Schools Football Presentation. Levi has also been recognised for his excellent contribution to our recent sports day.




Upper School - Harry Lenander, 10ES

Harry has been consistent in all aspects of school in his four years at Glan-y-Môr. He is a valued member of the form, always polite and eager to help. Well done Harry! 

Lower School - Alfie Rees, 7ARJ

Alfie is a pleasant and sociable student. He made excellent progress in his subjects throughout June.


Upper School - Miliya Kerr, 10RA

Miliya is yet another in a long line of Learners of the Month from 10RA. To date, she has achieved the second highest number of conduct points in her form and has an excellent record of attendance. Miliya has taken part in an Oxfam project that aimed to raise awareness of the plight of asylum seekers, school eisteddfodau, sports days, open evenings, choir rehearsals and concerts and helped to lead a tour of the school with applicants for a teaching position. She is currently preparing to apply for a role as a Senior Leader. Onward and upward Miliya!


Lower School - Freddie Price, 7DC

Freddie is a confident, friendly and helpful pupil who is eager to do his best at all times. He sees learning as a personal challenge and remains focused on putting effort into the work he does. Whether it is in sporting circles or learning environments Freddie has proven himself to be up to the challenge so far.



Upper School - Lucas Jenkins-Conibeer, 10RA

Lucas is yet another worthy winner from 10RA. He has sustained a very commendable level of achievement points and is working above target in both Science and Geography. He also enjoys ICT and is a Glan-y-Môr Sci-Tech Ambassador. In his spare time, Lucas enjoys visiting the gym. Keep up the great work Lucas!


Lower School - Imogen Massocchi, 9BB

Imogen has demonstrated consistent determination in a variety of academic and extra-curricular activities throughout the year so far. She quietly gets on with the tasks at hand and I am delighted that she has had the recognition she deserves. Well done Imogen!


Upper School - Donna Thomas, 10RA

Donna is yet another worthy winner of Learner of the Month from 10RA. She has been their Form Captain for the last two years, as well as a Language Ambassador. Donna also made a valuable contribution to our annual Eisteddfod and continues to perform well in tests across a range of subjects. To her great credit, Donna also assists in the care of her disabled grandmother out of school. Onward and upward Donna!


Lower School - Dion Protheroe, 9DW

Dion never ceases to amaze us with her continuing array of talents across the board.  Her recent achievements in Kickboxing coaching, her dedication to the local dojo and high standards of work over all areas of learning have given us good reason to give her this award. Da iawn Dion, you deserve it!


Upper School - Kian Day, 10ES

Despite a bumpy start to Year 10, in recent months Kian has really managed to turn things around. He is eager to help both staff and other pupils and always gives 100% effort to his work. Da iawn Kian, keep up the good work!

Lower School - Charlotte Town, 7RP

Charlotte never fails to bring a positive attitude to lessons. She is always polite, hardworking and willing to help others whenever she can. Charlotte has had a superb start to Year 7 and I am sure this will continue. Da iawn!


Upper School - Kaitlin Smith, 11DP

Kaitlin is a delightful pupil who always does her best. She has attended numerous events as a School Leader and recently accompanied our Year 7 pupils to Llangrannog as a SWOG. She is a kind and helpful pupil and thoroughly deserves to be Learner of the Month.

Lower School - Roxanne Patterson, 7CR

Roxanne has settled well at Glan-y-Môr and is a real asset to the form.  She mixes easily with others and is well liked by her peers. She works hard and has a very positive attitude towards school. She is mature and very helpful at all times.  Well done Roxanne!


Upper School - Yasemin Thomas, 11DP

Yasemin is always hardworking, polite and helpful. She is currently working hard for her mock examinations. Yasemin is a highly motivated young lady. Congratulations Yasemin.


Lower School - Eluned Griffiths, 8AH

Eluned always works very hard in all of her classes and has a very positive attitude towards her learning. She currently has the greatest number of achievement points in Year 8 as well as a 100% attendance record. Eluned has also been selected to further develop her Allergen App initially created during the TeenTech challenge day. She is a real credit to herself and 8AH and thoroughly deserves to be Learner of the Month.


Upper School - Morgan Clarke, 10ES

Morgan has made an excellent start to his GCSE studies; demonstrating maturity and eagerness to do well. As well as his efforts in the classroom Morgan is also a dedicated sportsman, playing rugby for Llanelli School Boys and Cricket for Carmarthenshire. Well done Morgan!

Lower School - Mia Lane, 9BB

Mia continues to adopt an excellent attitude in everything she undertakes. She is a determined, focussed and diligent student who deserves every success. Well done Mia on this wonderful achievement!


Upper School - Tom Wilkins, 10KJ

Tom continues to go from strength to strength and has made an excellent start to Year 10. Tom has the maturity and self-discipline to go far - da iawn Tom a dal ati.

Lower School - Suneil Browes, 8AH

Suneil is liked and respected by all he meets. Hard-working and with a great sense of humour, Suneil always gives his best efforts in order to succeed.



Upper School - Isabel Davies, 10RA

Isabel is yet another deserving winner of Learner of the Month from 10RA. She is the epitome of a good all-rounder, having participated in our production of Bugsy Malone, several sports and athletics days, Eisteddfodau and Christmas concerts. Isabel is working towards a Grade 4 on the flute. She achieved a Silver Achievement Points Award at the end of Year 9 and was also the highest achievement points recipient within 9RA by the end of last year.

Lower School - Maeve Lightfoot, 7DC

Maeve has really stepped up to the challenge of secondary school, putting real effort and enthusiasm into all her subjects. Transition is never easy but Maeve's friendly attitude and eagerness to do well has shown through. Her interest in many and varied activities (from acting to surfing) have obviously helped in developing her confidence, and her long term aspirations in Marine Biology definitely seem achievable if she continues like this.



Upper School - Harriet Porter, 9ES


Lower School - Tiah Rees, 7LB

Tiah is a mature, positive and valued member of 7LB and this is the crowning glory of a year of achievement. Not only is Tiah achieving her targets academically but has been involved in extracurricular activities such as a flower dancer for the school Eisteddfod and a key member of Spelling Bee. Both of these competitions show her incredible support to the school and she deserves every success.


Upper School - Jordan Thomas, 9RA 

Jordan is a model pupil in every regard; always attentive, totally focused, independent and diligent in his approach to work, cheerful, immaculately dressed, exceptionally well-behaved and is a thoroughly pleasant young man with a great sense of humour. He has an excellent achievement points score of 174 and in his spare time enjoys playing football, computer games and watching baseball.

Lower School -  Chad Evans-Samuel, 8BB

Chad has made a conscious effort to improve in school this year. He has worked particularly well in a group situation during our Challenge Days. Well done Chad. Mrs Beer and all of 8BB are proud of you. It goes to show that success really does come through effort, (Ymdrech a Lwydda) which is our school motto.



Upper School - Cerys Joseph, 10HB 

Cerys is a conscientious pupil who should be commended for her mature and sensible approach to life. She has a very positive attitude to school and is always dependable and reliant. Her attendance is excellent.

Lower School -  Megan Pugh, 8CR

Megan is a popular and friendly pupil.  She has a very positive attitude towards school and puts a superb effort in to everything she is asked to do. She has very good attendance and always volunteers to take part in extra activities.



Upper School - Olivia Walters, 10HB 

Olivia displays an outstanding attitude to school life. She always puts 100% effort into her school work and sets herself high targets. She takes part in many school activities and is an excellent representative of Glan-y-Môr School.

Lower School - Chloe Smith, 8CR

Chloe is a delightful pupil and an asset to the form.  She has a fantastic attitude towards school and does her very best at all times.  She has achieved a total of 132 achievement points this year and is achieving her targets in all subjects.


Upper School - Matthew Turner, 11DC 

In addition to the fact that he has already achieved a place with the Leeds football squad, Matthew has consistently shown endeavour and a continued commitment to achieving a good set of GCSE qualifications. On a personal level he is always upbeat and friendly, and can always be relied upon to help out when necessary.

Lower School - Bethan Pugh, 7LB

Bethan has consistently applied herself in all lessons exceeding her target level in 8 of the 13 subjects taught in Year 7.



Upper School - Hannah Evans, 10MS

Congratulations to Hannah who has received the highest number of points in Upper School.

Lower School - Katie Roberts, 7AH

Katie constantly adopts a very positive attitude towards her schooling. She has developed a friendly rivalry with a number of her peers and this is helping to drive her on for further successes. She has a total of 151 achievement points, many gained this month from her all out participation in the Eisteddfod where she helped Tŷ Gwenllian win the competition. In class she is always a keen, polite and attentive student who has many interesting points to make and share with her peers. Katie should be proud; she is a real credit to 7AH, Glan-y-Môr School, her family and herself and thoroughly deserves to be Learner of the Month.


Upper School - Lucy Thomas, 11DC

Congratulations to Lucy Thomas who recently competed in the three day Intershoot Competition in The Hague, Netherlands. Lucy made the final on all three days and on day three broke the British record and had a new personal best.

Lower School - Roman Ladd, 9ES

Roman is a bubbly and helpful pupil who is a pleasure to have in 9ES. He has the most achievement points in the form and always tries his best in all lessons. Well done Roman!


Upper School - Amber Treharne, 10DP

Amber is part of the County Senior Orchestra and also recently presented to the council on the proposed budget cuts. Amber also has one of the highest conduct points totals in the school this term.

Lower School - Tomi Sobola, 8PD

Tomi has been a model pupil and a pleasure to have in 8PD. She has the most conduct points in the class. Tomi has engaged herself in a range of activities including School Council and the Year 8 netball team.


Upper School - Morgan Griffiths, 10DP

Congratulations to Morgan Griffiths who gained a bronze medal in the International Combat Organisation Kickboxing World Championships.

Lower School - Eluned Griffiths, 7AH

Eluned works well in lessons and adopts a very positive attitude towards school. Eluned has settled in well and has already gained 61 achievement points. In class she is always a polite and attentive student who has many interesting points to make and share with her peers. She is a real credit to herself and 7AH.


Upper School - William Roetzer, 10MS

William has achieved most rewards points in upper school. He is actively involved in school events, activities and groups. William has worked exceptionally well in all his GCSE's and has aspirations to be a game designer and has a passion for animation in his spare time. 

Lower School - Morgan Francis, 8PD

Morgan raised the most money for Macmillan and Burry Port RNLI during our recent Sponsored Walk. Well done Morgan!


Upper School - Daisy Davis, 11JT

Daisy has achieved the highest  number of rewards points in Key Stage 4 for September.

Lower School - Lawrence Williams, 9RA

Lawrence has gotten off to a flying start having already achieved a points score of 26! He has been awarded the role of Form Captain and now takes up his place on the Year Group Council.