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Learner of the Month - Archived  

July 2017

Upper School - Shaughn Poulter, 10DP

Congratulations to Shaughn who has recently been appointed as Head Boy for 2017-18.


Lower School - Macy Howells, 7AP

Macy has been awarded Learner of the Month for her continued effort in school. She has achieved 30 positive achievement points.


Upper School - Carys Nurse, 10LR

Congratulations to Carys who has recently been appointed as Head Girl for 2017-18.

Lower School - Oliver Town, 7CR

Oliver has been awarded Learner of the Month for his continued effort in school. He has achieved 26 positive achievement points.


Upper School - Katrina Davies
, 10DP

Katrina is a Year 10 pupil studying Drama, Art and Hairdressing. She is Chair of the Eco group and recently attended the Eco Conference in Cardiff. She is also an important member of the School Council and a Child Ambassador.

Lower School - Josi Robinson, 7JT

Josi is a well presented, polite and friendly pupil. She is always focused, on task and eager to do her best and she will happily support her classmates in any way that she can. She is a very valued member of 7JT.


Upper School - Aneeka Bardsley
, 10LR

Aneeka continues to excel and achieve great things in football. Though she continues to display an excellent attitude and work ethic in school it is her success on the football pitch that makes her stand out and help put Glan-y-Môr on the map. Aneeka has represented Wales at different age groups and in April represents Wales Under 17`s in Ireland. She has a bright future in the game!

Lower School - Owen Mansel, 8RA

Owen is fast becoming one of 8RA and Glan-y-Mor's great all-rounders, achieving academic, sporting and extra-curricular success. He has already collected in excess of 20 praise cards and has achieved the outstanding levels of full attendance and merits to date. Always immaculately presented in school uniform and giving of his best in lessons, Owen is set to become yet another of Glan-y-Mor's model students!



Upper School - Zeeshan Ibrahim, 10PD

Zeeshan has been awarded Learner of the Month for his excellent effort and attitude to school in all subject areas. He is interested in pursuing a career in engineering. In his spare time he enjoys cycling.

Lower School - Hollie Wilkins, 9AH

Hollie is a very worthy winner of the Learner of the Month Award. She has rapidly settled into her new form, 9AH. She is a very talented artist, who has always worked with interest and consistently produc


 Upper School - Alan Meyrick Cooke, 11RJ

Alan has been awarded learner of the month for his participation in the Rotary Young Musician Competition. Congratulations to Alan who shared first prize.

Lower School - Tamzin Brewer, 9AH

Tamzin is a very worthy winner of the Learner of the Month Award. She has rapidly settled into her new form, 9AH and has participated in The Rotary Club ‘Young Chef’ competition, producing duck in parmesan basket, stuffed chicken breast with streaky bacon and pineapple upside down cake. Further, she has recently jumped two sets in Maths and is now in set 1 - Well Done.



 Upper School - Brandon Griffiths, 10DP

Brandon has made exceptional progress in Construction and has produced high quality work. College lecturers said that Brandon has a bright future in this field when he leaves school.

Lower School - Imogen Ford, 7DC

Imogen is a worthy winner of learner of the month. With 100% attendance and no-less than 15 praise cards so far her effort and behaviour as well as her support for others in the class cannot be faulted.



Upper School - Ellie Pritchard, 11BB

Lower School - Isabel Davies, 8RA

Isabel is a model example of a pupil who thoroughly deserves the accolade of 'Learner of the Month'. A proud member of 8RA, Isabel is fast proving to be a good all-rounder, immersing herself in many areas of school life, both academic and extra-curricular. She already has an impressive list of achievements that continues to grow.


Upper School - Carys Nurse, 10LR

Lower School - Eos Griffiths, 8KJ

Eos is a quiet, extremely conscientious pupil with an exemplary work ethic and attitude. Eos puts in a 100% effort into all subjects and has displayed a real flair for languages. She is “a linguist in the making” a comment recently made by the languages faculty. Da iawn Eos - you thoroughly deserve November’s “learner of the month”.



 Upper School - Jennifer Grant, 10LR

Jennifer is one of the top performing pupils at Glan-y-Môr and has an incredible record for merits and praise cards. Jennifer is currently studying Geography, IT, Spanish and History. Jennifer has represented the school in many areas. She is interested in pursuing a career in Business Management.

Lower School - Sofie Jenkins, 9LB

Sophie is a quiet unassuming young lady with an excellent work ethic and attitude. Her merit total, attendance and school report are testament to this. She always works diligently in her classes. It is lovely to hear from her class teachers how she is "a hard working girl" and how she "takes learning in her stride".


Upper School - Rhys Rowlands, 10DP

Rhys is studying Graphics, Construction, Geography and History. Rhys is always one of the top pupils for merit attainment and has an excellent record of attendance at over 98%. Rhys is on track to achieve an excellent set of results in 2018! Rhys is interested in becoming an architect.

Lower School - Brandon Lee Clark, 7JT

Brandon always gives his all in every lesson he attends. His positive attitude and caring nature have ensured he has made excellent progress this month. He has supported recent fundraising activities and has been successful in raising a significant amount of money for charity.

July 2016

Upper School - Iwan Richards, 10BB

Iwan has been appointed Head Boy for 2016/2017. Iwan is studying Graphics, Geography, Applied History and Drama. He has recently had all A grades in practical tasks in Drama. Iwan would like to be either a Policeman or a Lawyer.

Lower School - Megan Garbett, 8YE

Megan has developed into a mature young lady who is honest and trustworthy. She is a very thoughtful pupil who is looked up to by her peers and teaching staff. Megan constantly tries her hardest in everything she does and always shows respect for all members of staff. She deserves recognition for her hard work in school and persistent positive attitude towards education.


Upper School - Hannah Squire, 10BB

Hannah is currently studying Hair and Beauty, Textiles and ASDAN. She is interested in Hair. She likes going to Youth Club and loves Music and Dancing.

Lower School - Kirsty Skidmore, 9AH

Kirsty works well in lessons and now adopts a very positive attitude towards her schooling. Kirsty has achieved 6 praise cards. In form she is always a polite and attentive student who has many interesting points to make and share with the class. She is now much quieter than she used to be, understanding the value of paying close attention to her work. She is a real credit to herself and thoroughly deserves to be Learner of the Month.


Tobi Sobola, 10AP

Tobi has been at Glan-y-Môr since Christmas and is a very talented Mathematician. He is also a talented sportsman. Tobi has settled well at Glan-y-Môr and has a bright future ahead of him.

Lower School - Nicole Vaughan-Jones, 9ARJ

Nicole has achieved 11 praise cards since she started in Year 9. She has consistently worked well in all lessons and achieved 99.7% attendance.

April 2016

Upper School - Lauren Evans, 10MS

Lauren is studying Art, Spanish, History and Catering. She is a top achieving pupil in Year 10. When she leaves school she would like to go on to university and have a career in Journalism.

Lower School - Kian Day, 7ES

Kian has achieved 17 praise cards since he started in Year 7. He has consistently worked well in all lessons and achieved 99.3% attendance. Kian is an asset to his form. He is helpful and caring and has an excellent record for merit collection. Kian says that his favourite thing about school is DEAR reading lessons. Outside of school he likes to play football, go cycling and would like to join an archery club.


March 2016

Upper School - Sarah Bowen, 10BB

Sarah is in Year 10 studying Art, Textiles, Catering and ASDAN. Sarah has improved her attendance massively in recent months. She is always a top collector of merits and a good example to others.

Lower School - James Harries, 7SB

James is a very conscientious young man, who takes his school work very seriously and thoroughly deserves to be Learner of the Month. He has an excellent attendance record and has had full merits for every day that he has been in school. He has also been awarded a large number of praise cards since September. James is always a pleasant and polite young man.


February 2016

Upper School - Rachel Lewis, 10BB

Rachel is currently in Year 10 and studying subjects which include Resistant Materials, Music and Drama. Rachel is one of the top achieving pupils in her year group. Outside of school she enjoys working in stables and is also doing her Grade 5 piano. When she leaves school she would like a career in engineering or performing arts.

Lower School - Natasha Vaughan-Jones, 7RA

Natasha is an extremely well behaved pupil and always gives of her best. She has an excellent record for merit collection and has been awarded 7 praise cards to date. She took part in the English Recitation for her House during the recent Eisteddfod, she loves reading and horse riding. At this stage, she would like to be an author or an artist in later life.

January 2016

Upper School - Nikhil Seth, 10BB

Nikhil moved to Glan-y-Mor from London. He is excelling in all his subject areas. When Nikhil leaves school he wants to go to university and eventually become a Professor in English and preferably move back to London.

Lower School - Emily Gregory, 9ARJ

Emily has been chosen for her excellent performance in the 'Youth Speaks' public speaking team. As Chair of Glan-y-Mor's team, Emily was responsible for introducing and closing the presentation and making sure that everything ran smoothly in between. She showed excellent leadership skills.


December 2015

Upper School - Tamzin James, 10BB

Tamzin is in Year 10 and was top pupil for merits in the Autumn term. She is making excellent progress in all her subject areas including Geography, IT, Spanish and Graphics. Tamzin also achieved a black belt in kickboxing in December.

Lower School - Gareth Babbage, 8LR

Gareth shows a positive attitude to school life and is a role model to his peers showing them what can be achieved by focusing on his studies. He has shown particular strength in Humanities and applies himself fully to whatever task he is given, be it castle building or acting out a scene from a trench of World War 1.


November 2015

Upper School - Megan Guard, 11LB

Megan is predicted to gain C’s and above in the following subjects: Maths, English, Science, Welsh, RE, Hair and Beauty, Textiles, Art and Child Development. When Megan leaves school she hopes to go to college and study Health and Social Care and would like a career as a Social Worker or Careers Adviser.

Lower School - Teagan Horsley, 8DP

During school time Teagan enjoys spending time with her friends, she is a “chatterbox” so likes to know what is going on. Teagan enjoys English, History and D&T in school. She also enjoys playing netball. After school Teagan likes to go out with her friends, shopping and spends a lot of time with her one year old cousin. Teagan would like a career working with children, possibly in a Nursery.


October 2015

 Upper School - Sophie Williams, 11LB

Sophie is studying English, Maths, Science, Welsh, Short Course RE, Hairdressing, Art and Public Services. When she leaves school she is hoping to go to college to study Beauty.

Lower School - Ben Harries, 9AH

Ben enjoys Cooking and Music and concentrates on all tasks that he is set. He aspires to be Head Boy or a Senior Leader in Year 11. He has taken part in many school activities i.e. TeenTech and Music Play Day in Coleg Sir Gar. Ben is a keen trombone player who is part of our Brass Band and he enjoys taking part in our summer and Christmas concerts. 


September 2015

Upper School - Amy Owens, 10MS

Amy is in Year 10 studying GCSE's in Art, Geography and Physical Education. Amy is consistently achieving top merits and her attendance is superb. Amy recently competed in the Ironkids UK Race in Tenby.


Lower School - Wiktoria Swiatkowska, 9ARJ

Wiktoria has always produced classwork and homework to the highest possible standards. She is involved with many extra-curricular activities in school, including many STEM activities. Wiktoria achieved her target level (6+) in English, Maths and Science in Year 8.


July 2015


Upper School - Alan Meyrick-Cooke, 9AP

Alan was delighted to learn that BBC Radio Wales were going to play one of his compositions on air. Alan sent his work to 'BBC Introducing' where a panel of BBC presenters selected the most promising and impressive compositions for air play. Alan already has a portfolio of compositions that he has created. 

Lower School - Lewis Ellar, 8IM; Charlie Hall, 8LB; Bradley Webb, 8LB

Charlie, Lewis and Bradley won the Transport Category in the TeenTech Finals. They developed an idea for a sensor guidance system for wheelchairs.  Their award was presented to them by James May who was enthralled by their ideas and creativity.  






June 2015

Upper School - Jai Thomas, 10PR

Jai is currently studying GCSE Maths, English, Science, Welsh, RE, RM, Geography, PE and Music. He enjoys music, especially playing the drums. He is also involved with the Young Firefighters, being in this group will give him a BTEC in ‘firefighting in the community’. He plans to go on to college to study Geography, Sports Science and others. After that he plans to go to university.


Lower School - Frances Woodward, 7LR 

Frances has consistently achieved exceptionally high levels in English since September. She is very competent indeed in all aspects of the English course to date. Frances has made some outstanding contributions in humanities lessons. She has an impressive depth of knowledge and understanding of the world around her. She tackles every activity well and always commits herself to her work. She consistently produces work of very high quality which exceeds what would be expected of a pupil her age.


May 2015

Upper School - Emilia Watts, 10RJ

Emilia is studying Maths, English, Science, Welsh, History, Geography, Music and Spanish. Outside of school she enjoys playing the clarinet, drawing and crafting. In the future she would like to go to college and study Geography, History and Spanish and then go on to university.


Lower School - Shaughn Poulter, 8LB

Shaughn is a valued, supportive member of 8LB who is always punctual and continues to collect maximum merits. His uniform, attitude, and maturity are a constant delight. Shaughn always takes his studies seriously and seeks to glean all he can from his teachers.


April 2015

Upper School - Nik Richards, 11PD

Nik's favourite subjects are History, Catering and Hospitality. His hobbies are cooking and swimming. He is hoping to achieve good grades at G.C.S.E. which will help him to undertake his chosen courses in college where he hopes to study Leisure and Tourism and some 'A' Levels. His goal is to achieve a career in the Hotel Industry.

Lower School - Kim Warburton, 8CR

Congratulations to Kim Warburton of Year 8. Her story, The House Next Door, has been selected to go through to the next stage of the BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition. Out of 120,000 winners, Kim's is one of only 3,800 to be selected for the next round of judging.



March 2015


Upper School - Rebecca Roberts, 11BB

Becky is studying Child Development, Textiles and Catering and is on course to achieve an excellent set of results. When she leaves Glan-y-Môr she wants to study Maths and be an accountant.

Lower School - Aneeka Bardsley, 8IM

Aneeka is a talented footballer. She excels in PE starring in the school football side. Outside of school her talents have been recognised with selection for Swansea City and West Glamorgan.



February 2015

Upper School - Rachel Davies, 10RJ

Rachel is on course to achieve a superb set of results. She has an outstanding attendance record and is consistently at the top of the list for merit attainment each month. She is one of our most conscientious pupils and displays a very positive attitude to school and sets a great example to others. Staff at Glan-y-Môr all believe Rachel has a bright future ahead of her! 


Lower School - Rhiannon Taylor-Searle, 9MS 

Since joining us from Ysgol y Castell, Rhiannon has always made every effort to produce work of the highest standards. 
Rhiannon has become "Top Pupil" due to her achieving the highest “above” target level during the Spring Term. Rhiannon is currently working above target level in almost all of her subjects.